Press Releases 2002

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Ulrika Bergelv new Head of Internal Auditing Department
Irma Rosenberg new Deputy Governor
Swedish direct investment assets abroad SEK 1,277 billion
Tor Jacobson new Head of Research Department
Repo rate lowered 0.25 percentage points to 3.75 per cent
Swedish portfolio holdings 2001 - Foreign shares and debt securities
Bäckström: A perspective of his years at the Riksbank
Bergström: Basic industry - High tech that lasts
Persson: Economic outlook surrounded by risks
Start of the new organisation for cash management is postponed
Uncertain economic situation entails lower resilience in the banking system
Per Jansson new deputy head of department
Change in cash management in Sweden
Bäckström: Why was the price stability objective successful?
General Council meetings, first half of 2003
Bäckström: Future directions for the interest rate
Repo rate lowered 0.25 percentage points to 4 per cent
Sveriges Riksbank issues commemorative coin in memory of Astrid Lindgren
Persson: The current situation for the Swedish economy
Executive Board meetings and Inflation Reports in spring 2003
New Head of IT Department
Persson: Stabilisation policy in the monetary union
Jan Bergqvist appointed new Chairman of the General Council of the Riksbank
Statement regarding the report "Stabiliseringspolitik i valutaunionen", Stabilisation policy in the monetary union (SOU 2002:16)
Repo rate left unchanged at 4.25 per cent
The general public's confidence in the Riksbank remains high
Economic Review no 3 2002
Heikensten: Financial risks slow down recovery
New appointments at the Riksbank
New Chief Legal Counsellor at the Riksbank
Bäckström: US recovery central for the world economy
Nyberg: Developments in line with assessments
Bäckström: What happened to the “new economy"?
Repo rate left unchanged at 4.25 per cent
Preliminary financial market statistics for May and June 2002
Stable Swedish financial sector according to the IMF (FSAP)
A comment from the Governor of the Riksbank
Exchange with the National Debt Office
Repo rate left unchanged at 4.25 per cent
New head for the Secretariat of the Executive Board at the Riksbank
Reasonable to await further information
Reference rate to replace discount rate
Krona holds its own against the euro on home ground
Lars Heikensten new Governor Eva Srejber First Deputy Governor
Executive Board meetings and Inflation Reports in autumn 2002
Repo rate left unchanged at 4.25 per cent
Riksbank issues coin to commemorate Stockholm's 750th anniversary
Preliminary financial market statistics for March and April 2002
Riksbank publishes The Swedish Financial Market
Nyberg: Positive development in line with the Riksbank's forecast
Bäckström: Earlier assessments still largely apply
The Swedish banks show good resistance with regard to the low level of economic activity
Heikensten: Main features of the inflation assessment still apply
Sven Hulterström comments on Urban Bäckström's decision
Governor Urban Bäckström resigns at year-end
Sweden publishes the International Monetary Fund's statement on the Swedish economy
Nyberg: International upturn and wage developments behind interest rate hike - absence due to sick leave constitutes problem
Mats Galvenius new Head of Market Operations Department
Bergström: The Riksbank and the Swedish economy
Repo rate raised 0.25 percentage points to 4.25 per cent
The Riksbank plans to sell Pengar i Sverige
Bergström: Excessive wage increases a threat to the inflation target
Heikensten: The economic situation
Persson: Monetary policy and economic growth
Repo rate raised 0.25 percentage points
Bergström: Worrying signals regarding wage trends
Heikensten: The economic situation
Allocation of the Riksbank's net income 2001
Invitation to press conference
The Riksbank's annual report 2001
Repo rate left unchanged at 3.75 per cent
Appendix: The Riksbank's interventions in the foreign exchange market – preparations, decision-making and communication
Preparations, decision-making and communication in the event of foreign exchange interventions
Heikensten: Low-inflation environment has underpinned growth: four examples
Persson: Dawning optimism regarding upturn
Heikensten: Inflation high but a reassessment premature
Exchange of EU payment
Sale of Tumba Bruk finalised
Sale of the Swedish Mint