Press releases 2003

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Changes in the Riksbank’s companies – letter of intent with Securitas, sale of Tumba Bruk
Packing error in banknote consignment investigated
General Council meetings, first half of 2004
Repo rate left unchanged at 2.75 per cent
Audit report on Riksbank's internal controls
Banks' resilience increasing
Rosenberg: Economic activity in line with previous forecast
Executive Board meetings and Inflation Reports in spring 2004
Swedish portfolio holdings 2002
Riksbank’s comment on the discrepancy in the banknote delivery
Heikensten: Developments in line with the Inflation Report
Rosenberg: Monetary policy and energy prices
Economic Review 2003:3
Bergström: Continued confidence in the Riksbank
Repo rate left unchanged at 2.75 per cent
Persson: The Swedish economy after the EMU referendum
Nyberg: Sweden after the euro referendum
Riksbank issues coin to commemorate 30th anniversary of King Carl XVI Gustaf's accession to the throne
Bergström: Monetary policy controls remain in the hands of the Riksbank
Rosenberg: Price stability framework remains intact
The Riksbank's comments on the result of the referendum
Members of the Riksbank's General Council say "yes" to adopting the euro
Persson: False conceptions of the euro and the Riksbank
Rosenberg: Economic activity in line with assessment
Persson: Sweden and the euro
More efficient cash management benefits the economy
Repo rate left unchanged at 2.75 per cent
Repo rate cut by 0.25 percentage points
The Swedish Financial Market 2003
Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review 2003:2
Bergström: EMU debate contains some lame arguments
Comments regarding the Parliamentary Auditors' report on the privatisation of cash management
Swedish monetary policy and EMU
Nordic Central Banks Conclude MoU on Financial Crisis Management
Balance of payments, Q1 2003
Repo rate lowered by 0.5 percentage points
Banks have managed well in protracted slowdown, but resilience is declining
Sveriges Riksbank issues commemorative coins to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the birth of Saint Birgitta
Rosenberg: Clearer picture of weaker economic activity
Nyberg: Weak economic developments affect inflation prospects
General Council visits the ECB
Sweden publishes the International Monetary Fund's statement on the Swedish economy
Manageable risks in the changeover process if Sweden adopts the euro 2006
Heikensten: Sweden and EMU
General Council meetings second half of 2003
Repo rate left unchanged at 3.5 per cent
Bergström: Risk of higher inflation but above all great uncertainty
Executive Board meetings and Inflation Reports in autumn 2003
Rosenberg: Important to safeguard long-term stability in EMU
Kerstin Hallsten new Deputy Head of Department
Statistics Sweden takes over production of the Riksbank's financial market statistics
Heikensten: Well-founded arguments decisive factor for influence over ECB
Bergström: The driving forces behind Economic and monetary union, EMU
Repo rate lowered by 0.25 percentage points to 3.5 per cent
Memorandum of Understanding on high-level principles of cooperation between the banking supervisors and central banks of the European Union in crisis management situations
Agreement between the Riksbank and Finansinspektionen on the division of labour with regard to financial stability
Heikensten: Inflation rise expected to be temporary
Sweden in the European economy
Riksbank's annual report 2002; stronger krona reduced earnings
Allocation of the Riksbank's net income 2002
Financial Market Statistics
Repo rate left unchanged at 3.75 per cent
Heikensten: Direct changeover from 2006 lessens the risk of payment system disturbances
Changes in the routine for EU payments
Economic review no 4 2002
Comments on article on DN's debate page
Revised schedule for Executive Board meetings, first half of 2003
Distribution of work in the Executive Board
G10 report on asset prices
Exchange of EU payment