Press Releases 1997

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Final report on the Riksbank's wartime acquisition of gold
The Riksbank raises the reporate to 4.35 per cent
Good grounds for less expansionary monetary stance
The Riksbank to go on converting the National Debt Office's foreign-currency payments in 1998
Restrictions introduced for securities used as collateral for banks' borrowing from the Riksbank
The Riksbank's survey of average lending and deposit rates
Direct investments in Sweden doublded in three years
Satisfactory stability in the financial system
Marginal effects of the share price fall on the Swedish economy
New Riksbank report on financial system stability
The Discount rate
Balance of payments statistics adapted to internation standard
Primary dealer agreement with Merita Bank
Inflation in the coming years in line with target
Hans Lindblad new head of Price Analysis Division
Reduction of the Riksbanks's forward exchange liabilities from 1992 completed
Lending rates down 0.1 percentage point on average; no change in average deposit rate 2nd quarter
New, smaller 20 kronor note from September 15th
Developments in line with latest inflation report
Statutory price stability objective enhances credibility
More than one watermark on 100 kronor notes
Report on gold purchases to be presented around the turn of 1997
Primary dealer agreements with SBC Warburg and Unibank
The Reference rate - The Discount rate
Gunilla Werner Carlsson to head Auditing Department
Agneta Rönström to head Organisation and Administrative Department
Picture of inflation unchanged
Sweden 1997 Article IV Consultation Concluding Statement
Föreningsbanken terminates its primary dealerships
The Riksbank's survey of the average level of bank deposit and lending rates
USD and DEM accounts to be opened as of 14th April 1997
The Riksbank to change from reversed repos to repos
The Reference Rate - The Discount Rate determined to 2.5 per cent
Two new members appointed to the Committee investigating the Riksbank's purchases of gold
Exchange rate policy report liable to undermine the credibility of monetary policy
Inflation remains low
Sveriges Riksbank on the Internet
Björn Hasselgren deputy head of Financial Statistics Department
Banks lowered deposit and lending rates in 1996 by an average of 3.7 percentage points
Two managerial senior advisors appointed
Riksbank transfers SEK 8.1 billion to the Government
The Riksbank should be constitutionally independent
Pernilla Meyersson new head of the Economics Departments Division for EU Economic and Monetary Coop.
Sweden's financial sector able to manage a changeover to the euro on 1st January 1999
Christina Nordh Berntsson new head of international secretariat
60 per cent of the population support the inflation target