Press Releases 2005

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Commemorative coin issue in 2006
Repo rate held unchanged at 1.5 per cent
Economic Review no. 4 2005
Riksbank initiates cooperation with external researchers on exchange rate determinants
Bergström: Bright prospects for Swedish economy
The Riksbank presents new Financial Stability Report
Swiss National Bank Governor Jean-Pierre Roth visits the Riksbank
Heikensten: The current economic situation
Professor Kenneth Rogoff visits Riksbank
Direct investment in Sweden and abroad
Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review, special Dag Hammarskjöld edition
Repo rate held unchanged at 1.5 per cent
Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer visits Riksbank
Stefan Ingves new Riksbank Governor, Svante Öberg new Deputy Governor and Lars Nyberg re-appointed Deputy Governor
Deputy Governor Villy Bergström’s comment on his decision to step down
General Council's comments on Villy Bergström’s decision to step down
Riksbank issues commemorative coin to mark the 150th anniversary of Sweden’s first postage stamp
General Council comments on Lars Heikensten’s decision
Lars Heikensten has decided to step down
The Riksbank concludes agreement with Swedish banks on cash management
Irma Rosenberg's speech on 22 September cancelled
The Riksbank reallocates its gold and foreign exchange reserves
Riksbank issues commemorative coin minted in gold and silver to mark 100th anniversary of Dag Hammarskjöld's birth
Swedish portfolio holdings 2004
Nyberg: Households increasing their debts and house prices continuing to rise
Repo rate held unchanged at 1.5 per cent
Notes and coins equivalent to SEK 5 billion to become invalid at year-end
Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review 2005:2
Repo rate cut 0.50 percentage points
Riksbank to issue commemorative coins in gold and silver
Rosenberg: Surprisingly weak growth dampening inflation outlook
Kenneth Rogoff new adviser to Riksbank
Inauguration of Tumba Bruk museum on 4 June
Heikensten: Incoming data important
Bergström: Monetary policy is not the solution to the unemployment problem
Tumba Bruk 250th anniversary - commemorative banknote issued today
Sweden publishes IMF´s Statement on the Swedish Economy
Srejber: Stimulatory economic policy bolstering growth
The Riksbank presents new Financial Stability Report
Professor Martin Feldstein, President of the NBER, to visit the Riksbank
Commemorative banknote – 250th anniversary of Tumba Bruk paper mill
Repo rate left unchanged at 2 per cent
Srejber: Unusual market rate developments
Persson: What will happen with employment in an increasingly globalised world?
Comment with regard to the Riksdag Committee on Finance’s planned evaluation of monetary policy
Bergström: The Riksbank influences future inflation, not current inflation
Heikensten: Economic outlook broadly unchanged
Executive Board to visit Jämtland
Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review 2005:1
Srejber: The role of asset prices and credit in an inflation targeting policy
Repo rate held unchanged at 2 per cent
Persson: Globalisation contributing to low
Rosenberg: Continuing robust economic activity and low inflation
Professor Axel A Weber President of the Deutsche Bundesbank to visit Riksbank
Moderate increase in direct investment assets
General Council’s decision on allocation of net income
Riksbank's Annual Report 2004
Nyberg: Households' growing debt burden no problem for the banks
Royal couple to visit the Riksbank
Repo rate left unchanged at 2 per cent
Heikensten: Low inflation, but outlook remains largely the same
Bergström: Investment in Sweden instead of capital export
The Riksbank reallocates its gold and foreign currency reserves
Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa from the ECB to visit Stockholm
Economic Review no. 4, 2004
Exchange of EU payment