The general public's confidence in the Riksbank remains high

The Riksbank's credibility among the general public remains at a high level. This is the conclusion of a survey commissioned by the Riksbank on the general public's knowledge of, and attitudes to, the Riksbank. The percentage of respondents who considered the Riksbank to have good or very good credibility has increased steadily from 37 per cent in 1996 to 67 per cent in 2002.

The survey shows that seven out of ten respondents consider monetary policy to be conducted in a proper manner. This is fewer than last year, and due to the fact that the percentage of those expressing uncertainty has increased slightly. On the other hand, the percentage of those expressing a positive opinion has increased since 1996, when only half of the respondents considered that the Riksbank conducted monetary policy in a proper manner.

Almost half of those included in the survey were familiar with the Riksbank's main tasks, that is to say, to promote a safe and efficient payment system and to safeguard price stability. Men and people in the upper age groups had greater knowledge of the Riksbank than women and young people.

Almost one in four knew that the inflation target is 2 per cent. The percentage who believe that this target will be attained within the next few years has increased from 45 per cent in 2001 to 49 per cent this year. The older age groups tend to consider inflation to be negative to a greater degree than the younger ones.

"The survey shows that confidence in the Riksbank remains high, but also that knowledge of the Riksbank varies and needs to be improved, particularly among young people," commented Leif Jacobsson, Director of Communications at the Riksbank.

The survey was carried out by Ipsos-Eureka AB. 1,006 persons in the age group 16-74 years were interviewed by telephone during the period 26 August - 3 September. The Riksbank has commissioned similar surveys since 1996.

For further information, please contact Director of Communications Leif Jacobsson, on tel. +46-8-787 04 14.

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