Press Releases 2001

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Why is there no decline in the value of the banknotes and coins in circulation?
Currency exchanges for the National Debt Office
General Council meetings, first half of 2002
The Swedish Financial Market
Bäckström: The Swedish economy
Swedish corporate assets abroad increased substantially during 2000
Heikensten: the Riksbank and the interest rate
Nyberg: The development of the krona and the role of the Riksbank
Repo rate retained unchanged at 3.75 per cent
The banks lowered both deposit and lending rates 0.1 percentage points in 2001 Q3
Statistics Sweden takes over production of Financial Market Statistics
Executive Board meetings and Inflation Reports in the first half of 2002
You are invited to a press conference where the IMF will discuss its assessment of the Swedish financial system
Currency interventions assessed
Villy Bergström reappointed as Deputy Governor
Continued stability in the financial system, despite deterioration in economic activity
Swedish Mint in Eskilstuna will be sold to Finnish Mint
Heikensten: Activity weak but policy expansionary
Heikensten: September 11th is leaving its mark on the statistics
Riksbank to sell Tumba Bruk to American banknote paper manufacturer
Bergström: Watchful eye on inflation trends
Repo rate retained unchanged at 3.75 per cent
Riksbank survey of turnover in Swedish currency and derivatives markets
The general public's confidence in the Riksbank is on the increase
The Riksbank and the financial sector survey the effects of the introduction of the euro
Bergström: Stable prices, wages and growth important for construction sector
IMF publishes its survey of Swedish statistics
Persson: Joint efforts to safeguard confidence
Repo rate lowered 0.5 percentage points to 3.75 per cent
Extra monetary policy meeting
New, upgraded banknotes to be introduced on 1 October
Measures to facilitate payments in US dollars if necessary
Press release in connection with the tragic events in the USA
Nyberg: The questions regarding the international business climate still remain
The banks raised the deposit rate by 0.1 percentage points while the lending rate remained unchanged in Q2 2001
Repo rate retained unchanged at 4.25 per cent
The Riksbank's currency exchanges on behalf of the Swedish National Debt Office
Repo rate raised 0.25 percentage points to 4.25 per cent
Responsibilities of Executive Board members
HSBC Midland terminates its foreign exchange Primary Dealer Agreement with the Riksbank
Sweden publishes the International Monetary Fund's statement on the Swedish economy
Riksbank issues commemorative coin to celebrate the King and Queen's 25th wedding anniversary
The Riksbank has intervened in the currency market
Hans Lindblad new Deputy Head of the Monetary Policy Department
Heikensten:The krona has shifted the risk spectrum
Bäckström: Currency interventions cannot be rouled out
General Council meetings, second half of 2001
Riksbank transfers an additional SEK 20 billion to the Treasury
The banks left both their deposit and lending rates unchanged in 2001 Q1
Repo rate held unchanged at 4.0 per cent
Executive Board meetings and Inflation Reports in the second half of 2001
Swedish portfolio holdings 2000, foreign shares and mutual funds
Updated one-krona and ten-krona coins as of 1 June
Financial Stability Report 2001:1
Repo rate remains unchanged at 4.0 per cent
Bergström on monetary policy principles
Speeches held at the Riksbank's spring meeting
Bergström about the repo rate
Bäckström: Slight slowdown no problem for the economy
Riksbank plans to sell Tumba Bruk
Heikensten: Missing pieces in the economic puzzle
The Riksbank in Malmö 18-21 April
Bäckström: Economic situation difficult to assess
Situation report on the euro in the Swedish financial sector
Repo rate remains unchanged at 4.0 per cent
Bergström: Swedish economic trend unusually difficult to assess
Bergström: Risk for business cycle downturn
Srejber: Important to continue the work on improving the Swedish economy
The banks left their lending rate unchanged and raised the deposit rate by 0.1 percentage points in 2000 Q4
Bäckström: Very alert to international economic tendencies
Riksbank General Council proposes additional dividend to the Treasury
Heikensten: Monetary policy and the economic situation
Kristina Persson's appointment as Deputy Governor of the Riksbank
Repo rate remains unchanged at 4 per cent
Anders E Borg new adviser to the Riksbank
Riksbank supports proposal on management of banks in a crisis - but only in a systemic crisis
Kristina Persson new Deputy Governor
New Executive Board member - press conference 3 pm
Percentage of private travel increasing in travel statistics