Press Releases 2004

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Issuing of commemorative coins in 2005
Survey of the general public’s knowledge of the Riksbank
Swedish portfolio holdings 2003
New distribution of work in the Executive Board
Bergström: High unemployment not due to monetary policy
Jean-Claude Trichet visits Stockholm
Repo rate left unchanged at 2 per cent
Riksbank presents new Financial Stability Report
Heikensten: Minor changes to the inflation outlook
Rosenberg: Economic outlook is unchanged
Information on Riksdag decision to declare some older banknotes and coins invalid
Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review 2004:3
Riksbank alters management forms
ECB publishes convergence report
Repo rate left unchanged at 2 per cent
The Riksbank takes over the activities in Svensk Kontantförsörjning AB
Riksbank issues coins to mark 250th anniversary of Royal Palace in Stockholm
Riksbank survey of turnover in Swedish foreign exchange and derivatives markets
Persson: Small and medium-sized enterprises not disadvantaged by Basel II
Persson: Structural reforms important for employment
Decision on continued efficiency improvements in cash management
Repo rate left unchanged at 2 per cent
Heikensten: Inflation outlook remains unchanged on the whole
Primary dealer agreement with Deutsche Bank AG, London
Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review 2004:2
Opinion on the Long-term Planning Commission’s report (SOU 2004:19)
The Riksbank investigating premature publication of interest rate decision
New capital injection to Pengar i Sverige AB prior to liquidation
The Swedish Financial Market 2004
Repo rate left unchanged at 2 per cent
Riksbank decides to issue commemorative coin and note
Bergström: Risk of ’golden parenthesis’ for the Swedish economy
Securitas Värde AB cancels agreement to take over Pengar i Sverige AB
Executive Board to meet in Härnösand
Riksbank presents new Financial Stability Report
Repo rate left unchanged at 2 per cent
New website for the Riksbank
Executive Board appoints new department heads
Sweden publishes IMF's Statement on the Swedish Economy
Heikensten: Assessment of economic activity and inflation prospects remains unchanged
Persson: China’s economy increasingly important for Sweden and internationally
Nyberg: The economic situation and the property market
Comment regarding Statistics Sweden’s changed methods for computing the consumer price index and inflation rate
Repo rate left unchanged at 2 per cent
Riksbank cuts number of departments
Anders Kragsterman new deputy head of Financial Stability Department
Persson: Regional balance and sustainable growth
Heikensten: Some aspects on financial developments
Decision on capital injection during the winding up of the Riksbank's company
Executive Board meetings and Inflation Reports in autumn 2004
General Council meetings second half of 2004
Repo rate cut by 0.5 percentage points
Bergström: Is a policy of wage solidarity compatible with the Riksbank's inflation target?
Bergström: What must we do to be the best again?
Rosenberg: Inflation lower than expected
Persson: Women, growth and welfare - an equation that must add up
Final agreement with Securitas
Changes in Swedish banknote and coin series 2005
Riksbank’s Annual Report 2003
General Council's decision on allocation of net income
Repo rate lowered by 0.25 percentage points
Jörgen Eklund new chief press officer
Nyberg: Developments in the Swedish economy
Value of direct investment assets
Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review 2003:4
Exchange of EU payment