Press Releases 1998

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Urban Bäckström appointed Governor for six years
New Governing Board appoints Executive Board today
Repo rate lowered 0.2 percentage points to 3.40%
Inflation somewhat below target in next 1–2 years
Sven Hulterström elected Chairman of Governing Board
Swedish direct investment assets abroad total SEK 593 billion
Bank lending rates lowered 0.2 percentage points, deposit rates unchanged
Support for inflation target continues to grow
Bäckström: Weaker international growth behind interest rate cuts
Lowers repo rate from 3.85 to 3.60 per cent
The conversion of National Debt Office foreign-exchange transactions
Stability satisfactory even with international financial turbulence
Deposit and lending rates lowered 0.5 percentage points
Repo rate lowered 0.25 percentage points to 3.85%
Kjell-Olof Feldt elected Chairman of the Governing Board
Stefan Ingves appointed IMF department head
Swedish holdings of foreign securities mapped
The Riksbank sets up a 2000 Council
Preparations for the new Riksbank laws
Riksbank survey of turnover in Swedish currency and derivatives markets
Inflation Report: Inflation relatively well in line with the target
Inflation relatively well in line with the target
EU central bank agreement on ERM II operating procedures
Seven banknotes no longer legal tender from 1999
The Riksbank's survey of bank rates
The Primary Dealer agreement for the foreign exchange market is transferred from SBC Warburg
Indicators of underlying inflation
The discount rate determined to 2.0 per cent
Cuts the repo rate by 0.25 percantage points
Conference on Monetary Policy Rules in Stockholm June 12 - 13, 1998
The Riksbank transfers two primary dealer agreements for the money and bond market
Widespread use of euro in Sweden from 1999 seems unlikely
The growth in lending by Swedish banks is not a threat to financial stability at present
Enquiry into underlying inflation
New counterparty agreement for a more effective money and bond market
Swedes held foreign shares worth SEK 400 billion at end 1997
The discount rate unchaged 2,5 per cent
Repo rate should not be changed at present
Primary dealer agreement with ABN
Erik Penser Fondkommission AB terminates its primary dealerships in the money and bond market
Nominal holding of Treasury securities to be reduced by SEK 20 billion
Prospects of somewhat more subdued inflation
HSBC Midland terminates its primary dealerships in the money and bond market
Bank average deposit rate increased 0,2 percentage points; lending rates unchanged
Riksbank transfers SEK 9.3 billion to the Treasury
Support for inflation target still strong in Sweden
Balance-of-payments statistics adapted to IMF and EU standards
Merita Banken terminates its primary dealership in the foreign exchange market
The discount rate unchanged at 2.5 per cent