Press Releases 2006

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Value of direct investments rose in 2005
Sveriges Riksbank and central banks of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania sign MoU
Öberg: The Riksbank and the wage bargaining rounds
Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review no. 3 2006
Repo rate raised by 0.25 percentage points
Riksbank presents new Financial Stability Report
Rosenberg: The current economic situation
Assessment of monetary policy
Swedish portfolio holdings 2005
Repo rate raised by 0.25 percentage points
Johan Gernandt appointed new Chairman of the General Council of the Riksbank
Issuing of commemorative coins in 2007
Kai Barvèll new head of General Secretariat
Persson: Pensions, globalisation and the current economic situation
Governor Stefan Ingves speech cancelled
Riksbank reallocates gold and foreign currency reserves
Ingves: Sound government finances and low inflation - the road to success!
Persson: The current economic situation
General Council comments on Kristina Persson's decision
Deputy Governor Kristina Persson not available for reappointment to Executive Board
150th anniversary of Swedish railways - new commemorative coin
Jan Bergqvist, Chairman of the General Council, has passed away
Riksbank hosts international research conference on the governance of central banks
Repo rate raised by 0.25 percentage points
Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review no. 2 2006
Book on the history of the Riksbank
Repo rate raised by 0.25 percentage points
Presentation of this year’s second Inflation Report
Rosenberg: The Riksbank's forecasts and current monetary policy
Riksbank presents new report on financial stability
Öberg: The Swedish economy and monetary policy
Nyberg: The Riksbank's monetary policy strategy
Riksbank publishes summary description of monetary policy strategy
Repo rate held unchanged at 2 per cent
Extended redemption period for old banknotes
Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review No. 1 2006
Riksbank changes currency allocation
Rosenberg: Some questions regarding current monetary policy
Riksbank gathers agents in cash management field to form cash management advisory board
Decision on three Inflation Reports a year
Riksbank to introduce new, more secure 50 and 1,000-krona banknotes
Repo rate raised by 0.25 percentage points
Pernilla Meyersson new Director of Communications
Rosenberg: The objective of monetary policy
General Council’s decision on allocation of net income
The Riksbank’s Annual Report 2005
Decision on distribution of work within the Executive Board
Repo rate raised by 0.25 percentage points
Report on housing finance in the global financial market
Rosenberg: Monetary policy and the economy
Exchange of EU payment