Extended redemption period for old banknotes


NB! The redemption period has been extended until 31 December 2007, this concerns only the notes and not the silver 50-öre coin. Read more about this in the link down below, where you also find pictures of the notes.


The Riksbank has decided to extend the redemption period for the older versions of the 20-krona, 100-krona and 500-krona banknotes that are no longer legal tender from 28 April to 31 December 2006. Holders of older banknotes, i.e. the 100-krona and 500-krona banknotes without a foil strip and the slightly larger 20-krona notes in a bluer tone, can thus turn to their bank or to Svensk Kassaservice to redeem the banknotes.


The reason for this extension is that there are still examples of the banknotes to a value of SEK 1.5 billion in circulation.


The silver 50-öre coin is not affected by this decision. The final date for redeeming these coins is thus 28 April 2006.


Any fees for redeeming the banknotes are set by the respective bank or by Svensk Kassaservice.

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