Updated one-krona and ten-krona coins as of 1 June

On 1 June 2001 updated one-krona and ten-krona coins will be introduced in Sweden. The new coins have a slightly different appearance than the earlier coins. For instance, the portrait of King Carl XVI Gustaf is new, as the current portraits are between 20 and 25 years old. However, the coins are the same size, have the same weight and contain the same metals as before.

The new royal portrait may later be used on the national side of the euro coin if Sweden elects to join the EMU.

The older one-krona and ten-krona coins will remain legal tender and be used parallel with the updated coins.

An information brochure containing pictures and further information can be ordered from Information Riksbanken via e-mail: [email protected], fax: +46-8-787 05 26, telephone: +46-8-787 01 00.

Further information can be obtained from Per-Olof Arevik, tel: +46-8-787 04 84 and Anders Ekström, tel: +46-8-787 04 82, at the Cashier's Division.

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