Exchange of EU payment

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Sweden’s EU membership entails monthly contributions to the EU’s budget. At the end of this year a large EU contribution amounting to around SEK 6.4 billion has been made. The Riksbank has, as in previous years, exchanged the krona amount for euro.


The Riksbank intends to repurchase the corresponding amount on the foreign exchange market at an even rate over the two months following the exchange. This will be done through daily morning purchases in accordance with the Riksbank’s usual practice.


The transaction has no monetary policy significance. The Riksbank has neutralised the effect of the foreign exchange transaction on krona liquidity through an FX-swap, selling krona against foreign currency on the spot market and repurchasing the same amount in krona on the forward market.


Further information can be obtained from the Market Operations Department:
Kjell Nordin, Adviser, tel. +46-8-696 68 04
Johan Moeschlin, Manager Market Operations, tel. +46-8-696 68 14.

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