Notices 2014

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Economic Commentary: Securitisation – new initiatives and challenges
Calendar data for 2015
The banking system’s liquidity surplus and interest rate formation
Shadow banking from a Swedish perspective
Economic Commentary: Does cash have a future as legal tender?
Cash changeover - how is it going?
The mystery of the weak growth of world trade after the global financial crisis
New issue of the journal Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review
Minutes of the Financial Stability Council
Sweden among the first to adhere to new standard for financial statistics
Ingves and Jansson: Hearing on monetary policy
Conference: Macroprudential Policy—Implementation and Interaction
Amortisation requirements – a step towards a more sustainable debt situation
Meeting of Financial Stability Council
Economic commentary: Lower neutral interest rate in Sweden?
Stefan Ingves: Basel III implementation – Progress, pitfalls, and prospects
Final standard for NSFR
How should banks in crisis be managed? – the Riksbank's comments on the final report of the Financial Crisis Committee
Can you borrow for free now?
EBA reports stress tests of European banks
Susanne Eberstein appointed new Chairman of the General Council
Economic commentary: The development of the Swedish market for corporate bonds
The Riksdag has today appointed the new General Council of the Riksbank
Jean Tirole awarded the Prize in Economic Sciences for 2014
Economic commentary: An examination of the liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) in Swedish kronor
Ingves and Jansson taking part in IMF Annual Meeting
af Jochnick board member of Finanstilsynet in Denmark
What is Bitcoin?
Economic Commentary: Transparency in the major Swedish banks is increasing
A divided labour market – on matching on the Swedish labour market after the economic crisis
Ingves: Last part of Basel III regulation finalised
Economic commentary: Why haven't companies raised their prices?
The bail-in tool from a Swedish perspective
Monetary policy and financial stability – a simple story
New issue of the journal Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review
The Swedish Financial Market 2014
Economic commentary: The significance of collective pension saving for the Swedish financial system
Ingves and Flodén: Hearing on monetary policy
Riksbank continues analysing household debt
Sven-Erik Österberg to leave the General Council of the Riksbank
Calender data for first six months of 2015
Ingves receives extended mandate as chairman of Basel Committee
The Riksbank in Almedalen
New external evaluation of the Riksbank's monetary policy
Economic commentary: Have virtual currencies affected the retail payments market?
Press meeting on the IMF's view of Sweden's economy, Friday 13 June
Stibor revisited – a follow-up
Communiqué from the meeting of the Financial Stability Council on 23 May 2014
Meeting of Financial Stability Council
New book on historical property prices and other data
Continued regulation of gold sales
Ingves: Global liquidity regulation, supervision and risk management
Jesper Lindé new Head of Research at the Riksbank
Economic Commentary: How indebted are Swedish households?
Invitation to press meeting on household debts
Ingves: What will Basel III deliver?
The macroeconomic scenario for the EBA's stress test of European banks has been finalised
Riksbank at top of confidence league
Per Jansson and others respond to Svensson's criticism
The financial infrastructure in Sweden functions well
How the Swedish mortgage market has shaped the financial system
Christina Jacobsson new HR manager
Christina Wejshammar new head of the Cash and Payment Systems Department
The Riksbank’s Annual Report 2013
Oversight of the financial infrastructure works well
The Riksbank's operational framework for the implementation of monetary policy – an overview
Account of monetary policy in 2013
Online Intermediation and the Terms of Consumer Credit
Short-term funding in foreign currency by major Swedish banks and their use of the short-term currency swap market
The linkages between monetary and macroprudential policies
New issue of the journal Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review
Ingves and Ekholm: Hearing on monetary policy
Ingves: Restoring confidence in banks
ESRB publishes guidance on macroprudential policy tools
Riksbank partially reorganised
Ingves: Banking on Leverage
28 February is the last day that the banks can redeem invalid notes
Minutes of the inaugural meeting of the Financial Stability Council
The Riksbank's Financial Stability Report will be published on 4 June
The Riksbank's activities 2013: Expansionary monetary policy and focus on financial imbalances
Riksbank partial reorganisation from 1 March
Ingves: Finishing the job: next steps for the Basel Committee
The analysis group's memorandums on household indebtedness
Riksbank awarded transparency prize
Basel Committee publishes final definition of leverage ratio
Technical problems with interest rates and exchange rates