Notices 2011

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An economic analysis of the banks’ capital ratios
Economic Commentary: A systemic risk indicator for the Swedish banking system
Ingves: Talk is cheap – putting policies into practice
Measures to strengthen the European banking sector
Riksbank chosen as employer branding organisation of the year 2011
ESRB issues recommendation on lending in foreign currency
Economics prize 2011
New issue of the journal Economic Review
Sweden’s new banknotes – eight qualify for next stage of design competition
Survey of Swedish non-financial corporations’ financing
International Monetary Fund (IMF) Annual Meeting Washington DC, 23-24 September 2011
IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings in Washington D.C., 23-25 September 2011
Svensson presented paper at Brookings conference
Evaluation of monetary policy
The Swedish Financial Market 2011
Governor Ingves’s presentation at the Riksdag Committee on Finance
Stress test of European banks
The IMF’s reports on Sweden’s economy and financial sector
Economic Commentary: Are there systematic patterns in Statistics Sweden’s GDP growth revisions?
New calendar data for 2012
Ingves new chairman of Basel Committee
Sven-Erik Österberg new vice chairman of the General Council
The role of the central banks regarding financial stability
Economic commentary: The CPI will increase more rapidly than the CPIF over the next few years
Sweden publishes the IMF’s view of Sweden’s economy and financial sector
Österberg to replace Pagrotsky on the General Council of the Riksbank
Motivated employees with a high level of confidence in the management
Press meeting on the IMF’s view of Sweden’s economy and financial sector
Riksbank publishes own macro indicators on the website
Economic commentary: The relation between household saving and falls in house prices
New issue of the journal Economic Review
Economic Commentary: Numeracy, Financial Literacy and Household Finance
International Monetary Fund (IMF) Spring Meetings, 15–17 April 2011
Tomas Lundberg new Chief Press Officer
The Riksbank’s commission of inquiry into risks on the Swedish housing market
Assessment of Securities Settlement in Sweden 2010
The Riksbank’s Annual Report 2010 now in print
The Riksbank publishes the Material for Assessing Monetary Policy
Riksbank permitted to gather more information on securities
The Riksbank’s inquiry into risks in the Swedish housing market will be published in April
Assessment of Bankgirocentralen, BGC AB’s payment system 2010
Assessment of the Riksbank’s Payment System, RIX
Yearly assessment of NASDAQ OMX DM
David Vestin new deputy head of Monetary Policy Department
Economic commentary: The Riksbank’s dividend in the past two decades
Extraordinary measures were wound up during 2010
Economic commentary: The framework for implementing monetary policy, the balance sheet and the financial crisis