Notices 2013

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9 of 10 Swedes know that the older 50 and 1,000-krona banknotes without foil strip will become invalid at the end of the year
Conference: Financial integration in the Nordic-Baltic region
Limited searching of interest rates and exchange rates on 10 December
Special 1-krona coins minted in 2013
The Riksbank revises its communication policy
Calendar data for 2014
Special issue of the Economic Review: 20 years of inflation targeting
The Riksbank's consultation response on the report on new capital requirements
Ingves: Strengthening bank capital – Basel III and beyond
ESRB assesses the EU member states' lending in foreign currency
Problem of confusion with new 5-krona coin resolved
Ingves and Flodén: Hearing on monetary policy
The Riksbank's gold is stored here
Minutes of the meeting of the Council for Cooperation on Macroprudential Policy
Economic Commentary: A fairer picture of the Riksbank's inflation forecasts
Fama, Hansen and Shiller receive prize in economic sciences 2013
Riksbank employees rate their workplace highly
Change in publication date for minutes
Identifying systemically-important banks in Sweden – what can quantitative indicators show us?
The market for Swedish covered bonds and links to financial stability
Ingves and Skingsley: Hearing on monetary policy
Inflation, unemployment and monetary policy – new research findings
New issue of the journal Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review
Riksbank tops transparency ratings
Ingves: Hearing on macroprudential policy
Economic Commentaries: Heat map for analysing the consequences of financial shocks
The The Riksbank's survey of the turnover in the foreign exchange and fixed-income markets in Sweden
The Swedish Financial Market 2013
Good that a decision has been made on macroprudential policy
This is why the Riksbank analyses household debt
Technical problems with interest rates and exchange rates
Calendar data, first half of 2014
Economic Commentaries: The leverage ratio – what is it and do we need it?
ESRB on the selection of instruments for macro-prudential policy
Four important focus areas for the retail payment market
Extension of referral period
20 Years of Inflation Targeting: Lessons and Challenges
Press meeting on the IMF's view of Sweden's economy, Friday 31 May
Marianne Olsson new head of the Administration Department
Economic Commentaries: Search for yield in a low-interest rate environment
The Riksbank's data communication is working normally again
Economic Commentary: The Riksbank’s forecasts hold up well
Disruptions to the Riksbanks's data communications
Economic Commentary: Countercyclical capital buffers - a calculation method
New statistics on Swedish issues of securities
Improvements to individual systems and Swedish law may strengthen the financial infrastructure
Many countries have now introduced the Basel III Accord
The Riksbank’s Annual Report 2012
Further development of the index for financial stress for Sweden
Account of monetary policy 2012
Algorithmic trading in the foreign exchange market
Special minting of the 1-krona coin 2013
The globalisation of the financial markets following the global financial crisis
New issue of the journal Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review
“Where to Next? Priorities and themes for the Basel Committee” – Keynote address by Stefan Ingves
RIX system functioning normally again
The RIX system is functioning using contingency routines
Operational disruptions in the RIX system
Ingves and af Jochnick: Hearing on monetary policy
Economic Commentary: Inflation, unemployment and monetary policy
The ESRB: bank funding and the regulation of money market funds
The Riksbank's activities 2012: Expansionary monetary policy and active stability work
The Riksbank and financial stability brochure has been updated
Commission of inquiry on the Riksbank's balance sheet
From ideas to implementation – Keynote address by Stefan Ingves
Riksbank’s Financial Stability Report published on 27 May
New Basel Committee agreement on LCR