Notices 2012

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Riksbank Studies: Countercyclical Capital Buffers as a Macroprudential Instrument
Nykredit Bank A/S new Primary Dealer with the Riksbank
Foreign exchange reserve reinforced
Change of date for publication of minutes
Economic Commentary: The derivative market is facing major changes
Ann-Leena Mikiver new Director of Communications
Economic Commentary: Cobweb charts as a tool for summarising the stability assessment
The Riksbank’s review of Stibor
Current focus of the Basel Committee: Raising the bar
Asset encumbrance and its relevance for financial stability
Get interest rates and exchange rates for your own application or service
50-krona and 1,000-krona banknotes without foil strips will become invalid after 31 December 2013
Ingves and Jansson: Hearing on monetary policy
A Swedish toolkit for macroprudential policy
The Riksbank’s business survey – a quick indicator of economic activity
Monetary policy and unemployment: A conceptual review
Cards or cash. How should we pay?
Lars E.O. Svensson awarded the IVA's Great Gold Medal
New issue of the journal Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review
The Riksbank’s monetary policy measures during the financial crisis – evaluation and lessons learnt
”Act now” – main message of International Monetary Fund’s Annual Meeting
Roth and Shapley receive prize in economic sciences 2012
IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings in Tokyo, 12–14 October 2012
Minutes of the meeting of the Council for Cooperation on Macroprudential Policy
Changed regulations for collateral
The regulations for cash-in-transit companies should be reviewed
Basel Committee has examined EU, USA and Japan
Economic Commentary: The Riksbank’s attainment of its inflation target over a longer period of time
Ingves and Ekholm: Hearing on monetary policy
Sweden's new coins presented on 11 September
Change in publication date for minutes
The Swedish Financial Market 2012
New calendar data for 2013
Economic Commentary: Tax planning may have contributed to high indebtedness among Swedish companies
The first new banknotes will be issued in October 2015
New issue of the journal Economic Review
The Riksbank’s oversight of the financial infrastructure
Riksbank’s Financial Stability Report published on 1 June
The Riksbank publishes IMF statement on Sweden’s economy
Invitation: Press meeting on the IMF’s views on Sweden’s economy
Exhibition on Sweden’s new banknotes
Lars E.O. Svensson appointed Foreign Honorary Member of the American Economic Association
Economic Commentary: The operational framework for the implementation of monetary policy and experience of the financial crisis
Continued high confidence in the Riksbank
The spring meeting of the International Monetary Fund: ”The Washington moment”
Welcome to the Riksbank's new website
IMF and World Bank spring meeting in Washington D.C., 20-21 April 2012
The Riksbank is prepared to lend at least USD 10 billion to the International Monetary Fund
CPSS and IOSCO issue new principles for financial market infrastructures
Communication policy for financial stability
Material for assessing monetary policy 2011
ESRB comments on new capital adequacy rules in official letter
The Riksbank’s Annual Report 2011 now in print
Christina Nyman new Deputy Head of the Monetary Policy Department
Minutes of the meeting of the Council for Cooperation on Macroprudential Policy
Ingves: Introduction on monetary policy
Economic Commentary: The Riksbank’s lending to the International Monetary Fund – how and why?
Stefan Ingves awarded a medal by the King
Increased concern over sovereign debt affected the Riksbank's work in 2011
New issue of the journal Economic Review
New search function for interest rates and exchange rates
New search function for interest rates and exchange rates
The Riksbank and Finansinspektionen start a council for cooperation on macroprudential policy
The ESRB issues recommendations on the macro-prudential mandate of national authorities and on US dollar denominated funding and liquidity risk