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Every household has SEK 514 in coins – in six months, the older coins will become invalid
Further purchases of government bonds for SEK 30 billion, repo rate unchanged at -0.50 per cent
The Riksbank will not be participating in the Swedish National Debt Office’s exchanges
Smaller, lighter and nickel-free - why we are replacing our coins
Banks and households need to increase their resilience
Market participants consider that the Swedish financial markets are functioning slightly worse
Low repo rate for longer, Executive Board ready to extend government bond purchases in December
The Riksbank’s Business Survey: After three years of good economic activity, uncertainty is now increasing
Today sees the introduction of the 100 and 500-kronor banknotes and the new coins
Exchange money for a Garbo and the new coins at the Riksbank on 3 October helps Swedes empty their piggybanks of coins worth SEK 2.6 billion
Repo rate unchanged at −0.50 per cent
SEK 1.3 billion left - 31 August last day to deposit invalid banknotes in bank accounts
Repo rate unchanged at -0.5 per cent, future rate increases postponed
SEK 1.8 billion left – the banks are able to accept banknotes until 31 August
The Riksbank’s Business Survey: Low price increases despite high level of economic activity
Per Jansson’s mandate extended a further five years
Banks and households increasingly vulnerable
The Riksbank wants Selma, Jenny and Gustav!
Divided opinions regarding the functioning of the Swedish financial markets
Riksbank to purchase government bonds for a further SEK 45 billion and repo rate held unchanged at -0.50 per cent
3 months until 30 June 2016 - SEK 3.6 billion will become invalid
The Riksbank’s Business Survey: Strong domestic demand but difficult to raise prices
SEK 4.3 billion invalid in 4 months’ time
Repo rate cut to –0.50 per cent
The Riksbank transfers SEK 2.8 billion to the Treasury
Riksbank exchanges EU payment
Delegation decision regarding currency interventions