September 12–13, 2013

Sveriges Riksbank, Stockholm, Sweden


Wednesday, September 11 

18:00-19:00 Welcome drink at Sveriges Riksbank

Thursday, September 12 

9:00            Registration and coffee

Session I:

Chair: Ferre De Graeve


9:20            Opening address


9:30            “Research on Bubbles: Still (or) Sparkling?"

                  Jean Tirole [slides]


10:30          “Reaching for Maturity”

                   Harrison Hong*, David Sraer and Jialin Yu [slides],


11:30          Coffee


12:00          “Money as a Store of Value”

                  Tore Ellingsen* and David Domeij [slides]


13:00          Lunch 

Session II:

Chair: Per Krusell


14:30          “Managing Financial Bubbles”

                  Jaume Ventura* and Alberto Martin [slides]


15:30          “Reassessing Dynamic Efficiency”

                  Francois Geerolf [slides]


16:30          Adjourn


19:00          Dinner at Gondolen 

Friday, September 13 

8:45            Coffee 

Session III:

Chair: Tor Jacobson


9:00            “Housing Prices and Robustly Optimal Monetary Policy”

                  Michael Woodford* and Klaus Adam [slides]


10:00          “Risk-taking, Rent-seeking, and CEO compensation when
                  Financial Markets are Noisy”
                  Elias Albagi, Christian Hellwig* and Aleh Tsyvinski [slides]


11:00          Coffee 

Session IV:

Chair: Tore Ellingsen


11:30          “A Model of Monetary Exchange in Over-the-Counter Markets”

                  Ricardo Lagos* and Shengxing Zhang [slides]


12:30          “Speculation and Bubbles – A Simple Model”

                  Jose Scheinkman [slides]


13:30          Lunch and Adjourn 

Time allocation

Presentation: 40-45 minutes

Open discussion: 15-20 minutes 

Organizing committee

Ferre De Graeve, Sveriges Riksbank

Tore Ellingsen, Stockholm School of Economics

Tor Jacobson, Sveriges Riksbank

Per Krusell, IIES, Stockholm University 

Local organization

Lena Löfgren, Sveriges Riksbank 

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