Kerstin Hessius not a candidate for reappointment to the Executive Board

Deputy Governor Kerstin Hessius, whose appointment to the Executive Board expires at the turn of this year, has informed the chairman of the General Council, Sven Hulterström, that she is not available for reappointment.


‘This post has a time limit and at the turn of this year I will have completed my term. A good deal of progress has been made on many of the issues I perceived as challenges when I came to the Bank. One of them involved contributing to a new structure for monetary policy decision-making and making it understood. Other interesting matters, in my field of responsibilities in particular, have included the development of the Bank’s internal risk management and management of foreign reserves, as well as the promotion of public confidence in the financial sector over the turn of the millennium.

‘The Riksbank does, of course, still face many challenges but a new term is a matter of a further six years and I feel that is too long a commitment,’ Kerstin Hessius says in a comment on her decision.


As of 1 January 1999 the Riksbank is managed by an Executive Board appointed by the Bank’s General Council. The Board consists of six members whose regular term of office is six years. In order to achieve continuity, the first appointments were made for terms of different lengths, whereby the Board is renewed successively.

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