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In recent years, the discussions on what central banks should do have intensified around the world, both among experts at academic institutions as well as in the media, among politicians and among the broader general public. This is due mainly to the crisis in the financial system which adversely affected many countries in 2007-2009 and its lasting repercussions, but also to some extent to more long-term trends in the global economy, including innovations on financial markets and “globalisation”.

This special issue contains specially written papers of more than half of the presentations made by international experts at the conference "Rethinking the central bank's mandate", arranged by Sveriges Riksbank on 3-4 June 2016. These sometimes contain more ideas and analysis than in the original presentations.


The conference was arranged as a number of sessions with different themes and ended with a panel discussion. In the first article of this issue, all the presentations are summarised per session. The summary is intended to be easily accessible for non-specialists in the subject or those who just want a quick overview.

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