How to tell whether a banknote is genuine or counterfeit


The Riksbank has received information from the Police that a number of counterfeit banknotes have been discovered. These counterfeits are of the new banknotes issued in October last year. There are a few simple ways to easily check whether a banknote is genuine.

Tilt the banknote

All banknotes have a colour-shifting image up in the right-hand corner. The image and the denomination in the image change colour between gold and green when you tilt the banknote.


Another security feature is the security strip with three windows found on the left-hand side of the banknote. The security strip can be found on all banknotes except the 20- and 50-krona banknotes. The windows feature images that move and alternate motif between "KR" and a royal crown when you tilt the banknote.

Other security features

The banknotes also have other security features that can be examined to determine whether a banknote is genuine.


All denominations have a watermark that is visible from both sides when the banknote is held to the light. The watermark depicts the denomination of the banknote and its portrait. The denomination appears significantly lighter than the rest of the paper.

Intaglio printing

All denominations feature intaglio print, which makes the paper feel like a banknote and gives it a noticeable raised surface – run your thumb over it or scrape lightly with a fingernail. Among other places, intaglio printing has been used for the portrait and denomination on the obverse of the banknote.

See-through picture

The see-through picture is a pattern on the obverse of the banknote that, together with a pattern on the reverse, forms the denomination when you hold the banknote to the light. Can be found on all denominations.

Security thread

All denominations have a security thread that is visible as a dark line when you hold the banknote up to the light. The thread is embedded in the banknote paper.

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