The analysis group's memorandums on household indebtedness


In October, when Finansinspektionen and the Riksbank held their fourth meeting under the framework of the Council for Cooperation on Macroprudential Policy, the joint analysis group reported its conclusions as regards household indebtedness. The underlying memoranda that served as a basis for the analysis group's work have been published as they have been finalised.


The final three memoranda are now being published.


A summary of the analysis group's conclusions is attached to the minutes of the council for cooperation published on 16 October.


The council's tasks have been taken over by the newly-established Financial Stability Council.

The Financial Stability Council is to act as a forum at which representatives of the government, Finansinspektionen, the Swedish National Debt Office and the Riksbank will regularly meet to discuss issues of financial stability, the need for measures to counteract the accumulation of financial imbalances and, in the event of a financial crisis, the need for measures to manage such a situation.


The aim of the Council for Cooperation on Macroprudential Policy was to exchange information between Finansinspektionen and the Riksbank on the assessment of risks to the financial system as a whole, and to discuss appropriate measures for the prevention of risks.

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