Articles in the Economic Review 2016

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2016:3 Do’s and don’ts in central bank design. By Patricia C. Mosser
2016:3 Why central banks should care about fiscal rules. By Eric M. Leeper
2016:3 Central banks’ role, objectives and accountability. By Svein I. Gjedrem 149 kB
2016:3 Independence and the scope of the central bank’s mandate? By John B. Taylor
2016:3 A coming crisis of legitimacy? By David J. Archer
2016:3 The relevance or irrelevance of asset purchase programs. By Pierpaolo Benigno
2016:3 From unconventional monetary to unconventional fiscal policies. By Isabel Correia
2016:3 Central banks and credit creation: the transmission channel via the banks matters. By Charles Goodhart, Elga Bartsch and Jonathan Ashworth (Revised 2017-01-25)
2016:3 What role for central banks in safeguarding financial stability? By Isabel Schnabel
2016:3 Five points about monetary policy and financial stability. By Loretta J. Mester
2016:3 History as an antidote to misunderstandings about the lender of last resort. By Charles W. Calomiris
2016:3 Why do societies need independent central banks? By Jon Faust
2016:3 Rethinking the central bank’s mandate. By Jesper Lindé and Anders Vredin
2016:2 The central bank’s task of providing liquidity to the financial system – what are the challenges? By Christoph Bertsch and Johan Molin 539 kB
2016:2 What are the macroeconomic effects of reducing household debt? By Daria Finocchiaro, Magnus Jonsson, Christian Nilsson and Ingvar Strid 454 kB
2016:2 Is a bubble forming in Swedish housing prices?. By Emilio Dermani, Jesper Lindé and Karl Walentin 1 MB
2016:1 An analysis of the driving forces behind inflation 1995-2015. By Björn Andersson 365 kB
2016:1 The effects of monetary policy on interest rates. By Lina Fransson and Oskar Tysklind 383 kB
2016:1 Basel III – what and why? By Jonas Niemeyer 278 kB
2016:1 Does the capital market create problems for the economy? By Thomas Franzén 485 kB
2016:1 Macroprudential policy in the Nordic-Baltic area. By David Farelius and Jill Billborn 186 kB
2016:1 Thinking about the future of money and potential implications for central banks. By Paola Boel 181 kB