helps Swedes empty their piggybanks of coins worth SEK 2.6 billion


After 30 June 2017, all of the current coins, with the exception of the 10-krona, will become invalid. To make it easier for people to use their old coins, we are launching, a map that helps you find the nearest point where you can hand over your coins.


On 3 October, the new 1, 2 and 5-krona coins will be released, replacing the current ones. The 10-krona coin will remain unchanged. At the same time, work will begin on gathering in the almost SEK 2.6 billion worth of coins that become invalid after 30 June 2017. On average, each Swedish household has SEK 779 in coins, most of them in piggybanks and jars, according to a survey made in 2015.


A large share of these coins are used in payment in shops. To help all those with a large amount of coins at home, the Riksbank, with the help of banks, exchange offices and shops, has produced a new website called By stating your location, you can find the closest point to you where you can hand in your coins. You can also add locations yourself on At present, there are almost 750 locations around Sweden.


"We know that many of those who have large amounts of coins at home are wondering where they can hand them in, and answers this question. There may be limits to how many coins the banks and retail trade can receive. We are therefore launching this service now," says Ann-Leena Mikiver, Director of Communications.


Find the nearest location for handing in coins:


The largest banknote and coin changeover in Sweden's history

Sweden's banknote and coin changeover began last year, with the release of the new 20, 50, 200 and 1,000-krona banknotes. On 3 October this year, we will be introducing, as well as the new 1, 2 and 5-krona coins, the new 100-krona and 500-krona banknotes. Further information on the banknote and coin changeover can be found on the Riksbank's website,, under the heading Notes & coins.

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