Working Paper Series

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No. 333 Financial Literacy Externalities (Revised October 2017) 312 kB
No. 334 The timing of uncertainty shocks in a small open economy 364 kB
No. 332 Oil prices in a real-businesscycle model with precautionary demand for oil 472 kB
No. 331 Money, Credit and Banking and the Cost of Financial Activity 868 kB
No. 330 Uncertain pension income and household saving 368 kB
No. 329 Economic Scarcity and Consumers’ Credit Choice 1 MB
No. 328 Adjusting for Information Content when Comparing Forecast Performance 675 kB
No. 327 Renovatio Monetae: Gesell Taxes in Practice 452 kB
No. 326 Endogenous Separations, Wage Rigidities and Employment Volatility 290 kB
No. 325 Covenant-light contracts and creditor coordination 551 kB
No. 324 The interest rate effects of government bond purchases away from the lower bound 2 MB
No. 323 Challenges for Central Banks’ Macro Models 1,020 kB
No. 322 Fiscal Consolidation Under Imperfect Credibility 612 kB
No. 321 Firms’ Strategic Choice of Loan Delinquencies 760 kB
No. 320 Curbing Shocks to Corporate Liquidity: The Role of Trade Credit 530 kB
No. 319 Fed Liftoff and Subprime Loan Interest Rates: Evidence from the Peer-to-Peer Lending Market (Revised May 2017)
No. 318 Real-Time Forecasting for Monetary Policy Analysis: The Case of Sveriges Riksbank 706 kB
No. 317 Subprime Borrowers, Securitization and the Transmission of Business Cycles 2 MB
No. 316 Double Liability in a Branch Banking System: Historical Evidence from Canada 10 MB
No. 315 Trade Credit: Contract-Level Evidence Contradicts Current Theories 296 kB