New agreement between authorities on financial stability and crisis management


At the meeting of the Financial Stability Council today, representatives of the Swedish Ministry of Finance, Sveriges Riksbank, Finansinspektionen (Sweden's financial supervisory authority) and the Swedish National Debt Office signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding financial stability and crisis management.

This agreement between the authorities describes their remits, tasks and roles both in the work of promoting financial stability and in crisis management. The aim of the Memorandum is to make a declaration of intent regarding cooperation, information sharing and knowledge exchange in order to achieve appropriate crisis management and promote financial stability in Sweden.


The Memorandum is not legally binding. The cooperation and information-sharing described in the Memorandum does not alter the responsibilities or the decision-making powers of the respective authorities in relation to their tasks.


The Memorandum of Understanding is published on the website of the Financial Stability Council's secretariat.

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