The Riksdag has today appointed the new General Council of the Riksbank


The General Council consists of eleven members and as many deputies. Its members are appointed by the Riksdag (parliament) and have a term of office corresponding to that of the members of the Riksdag. The General Council selects a Chairman and a Vice Chairman from among its members.


Ordinary members:

1   Susanne Eberstein (S)

2   Michael Lundholm (M)

3   Hans Hoff (S)

4   Peter Egardt (M)

5   Caroline Helmersson Olsson (S)

6   Oscar Sjöstedt (SD)

7   Hans Birger Ekström (M)

8   Anders Karlsson (S)

9   Roger Tiefensee (C)

10 Agneta Börjesson (MP)

11 Chris Heister (M)


Deputy members:

1   Catharina Bråkenhielm (S)

2   Elisabeth Björnsdotter Rahm (M)

3   Tommy Waidelich (S)

4   Oskar Öholm (M)

5   Anne-Kristine Johansson (S)

6   Dennis Dioukarev (SD)

7   Carl B Hamilton (FP)

8   ClasGöran Carlsson (S)

9   Karin Nilsson (C)

10 Janine Alm Ericson (MP)

11 Stefan Attefall (KD) 

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