Sven-Erik Österberg to leave the General Council of the Riksbank


The government has appointed the Vice Chairman of the General Council of the Riksbank, Sven-Erik Österberg, as a new member of the board of Finansinspektionen as from 1 August 2014. After the turn of the year, he will take up the post of Chairman of the Board. Mr Österberg, who has been Vice Chairman of the General Council since 2011, will therefore leave the General Council following the general election. Please visit the Government's website (only available in Swedish).


The General Council consists of eleven members and as many deputies. Its members are appointed by the Riksdag (parliament) and have a term of office corresponding to that of the members of the Riksdag. The General Council selects a Chairman and a Vice Chairman from among its members. The General Council appoints the members of the Executive Board and has the task of regularly monitoring the activities of the Riksbank and the work of the Executive Board members.

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