Riksbank partial reorganisation from 1 March


The Executive Board and General Council of the Riksbank have decided on a new organisation. This entails three new departments: the Corporate Services Department, the Cash & Payment Systems Department and the Markets Department.

The reorganisation entails creating three new departments at the Riksbank to enable both deeper and broader analysis in certain fields. For example, the Riksbank wishes to attain better coordination of its financial analysis as well as greater depth in these analyses, and to gather the work on payment systems and cash into one and the same department.


The new departments are: The Markets Department, the Cash & Payment Systems Department and the Corporate Services Department.


The new organisation, with the three new departments, will apply from 1 March.


The Executive Board has decided to appoint Marianne Olsson, the current head of the Administration Department, head of the Corporate Services Department. Until the heads of department have been recruited for the other two new departments, Christina Wejshammar, the current head of the Banknotes & Coins Division, has been appointed acting head of the Cash & Payment Systems Department and Sophie Degenne, the current head of the Asset Management Department, acting head of the Markets Department.

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