Riksbank awarded transparency prize


The Riksbank has been awarded a prize by Central Banking Publications; the Central Banking Transparency Award. This is one of ten awards presented for the first time this year to central banks and financial market stakeholders.

Governor Stefan Ingves is mentioned in particular for his personal commitment to the Riksbank's endeavours to be an open and transparent central bank. This commitment has been clearly visible since he took up office as governor. The jury also considered that the Riksbank's high level of ambition is shown in its new communications strategy. They were impressed by the Executive Board's discussion climate, the Riksbank's openness regarding its gold reserve and the way the Riksbank uses films as a communications tool.


The jury considered that Sveriges Riksbank plays a pioneering role in central banks' work to improve openness and clarity in communication. The Riksbank continues to determinedly break new ground in ensuring its processes and decision-making are transparent and clearly communicated through whichever channel is most effective.


Governor Stefan Ingves comments:
"Being open and clear about when, where and how we provide information gives all groups in society equal opportunities to obtain information about the work and decisions of the Riksbank. Being open is also more efficient and predictable since all stakeholders are completely aware of the communication process."

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