Economic Commentary: Transparency in the major Swedish banks is increasing


The major Swedish banks have improved their transparency since the financial crisis, and are currently some of the most transparent banks in Europe with regard to liquidity risk.

This increased transparency is a very positive development as it promotes the stability of the Swedish financial system. The Riksbank has taken an active role in this work and our analysis shows that the recommendations aimed at the major banks in the Financial Stability Report have been a useful tool in this work. Even though the banks have improved their transparency since the financial crisis, it is important for financial stability that they continue to increase their transparency.


This Economic Commentary presents a quantitative measure of how much the major Swedish banks' transparency regarding liquidity risk has improved since the crisis and how transparent they are today in this field, compared with a group of other European banks.


Read the Economic Commentary here.



By Marcus Pettersson

The author works in the Financial Stability Department of the Riksbank.

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