Tumba Bruk celebrates 250 years


Tumba Bruk was founded by the Riksbank in 1755, making it one of the world's oldest banknote paper mills. The 250th anniversary of the mill is to be celebrated in a number of ways. The Swedish Post Office will issue a commemorative stamp, see picture on the right, showed on January 27. The Riksbank will issue a commemorative banknote, denomination SEK 100, se picture below. The commemorative banknote which, like the stamp, will go on sale in May 2005.


Tumba Bruk is now owned by Crane & Co, a US company. When the Riksbank sold the mill in 2002, the old mill area was separated and subsequently transferred to the National Property Board. A museum is currently being built in collaboration with the National Property Board and the Royal Coin Cabinet, and will display the manufacture of banknote paper, printing techniques and banknote printing. The museum will be opened at the beginning of June and will be run by the Royal Coin Cabinet. It will be funded by Stiftelsen Tumba Bruk (the Tumba Bruk Foundation), for which the Riksbank has provided the initial capital. Through these initiatives the Riksbank is taking responsibility for preserving the unique mill culture in Tumba and for making it available to the general public.


©The picture of the stamp is protected by the Act on Copyright in Literary and Artistic Works. It has been published with the permission of Posten Frimärken.


Picture of a commemorative banknote

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