Riksbank renews banknote and coin series


The Riksbank is renewing the Swedish banknote and coin series and adding a 2-krona coin and a 200-krona banknote to the series. This was decided by the Riksdag, the Swedish parliament, on 2 June following a proposal from the Riksbank. However, the Riksdag rejected a proposal for the replacement of the 20-kronor banknote by a coin.

“A larger number of denominations will mean that the volume of cash in circulation declines. This will make the management of banknotes and coins more efficient”, says Governor Stefan Ingves.

The entire Swedish banknote and coin series will be renewed. The new denominations in the series will be a 2-krona coin and a 200-krona banknote.

”The banknotes will have new motifs and better security features, while the coins will be smaller and lighter. The introduction of a banknote and coin series takes time and will be implemented in stages. We expect it to take around 5 years”, says Governor Stefan Ingves.

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