Johan Gernandt to continue as Chairman of Riksbank’s General Council


At the first meeting of the Riksbank’s General Council after the appointments, held today, Johan Gernandt was re-elected as Chairman of the General Council. Leif Pagrotsky was re-elected Vice Chairman.


The General Council of the Riksbank consists of 11 members and 11 deputies, all of whom are elected by the Riksdag.


The ordinary members of the General Council are:

Johan Gernandt, Chairman
Leif Pagrotsky, Vice Chairman
Peter Egardt
Sonia Karlsson
Bertil Kjellberg
Anders Karlsson
Gun Hellsvik
Lena Sommestad
Allan Widman
Peter Eriksson
Anders Flanking


The deputies are:

Hans Birger Ekström
Tommy Waidelich
Ulf Sjösten
Ann-Kristine Johansson
Chris Heister
Bosse Ringholm
Ebba Lindsö
Catharina Bråkenhielm
Christer Nylander
Helena Leander
Håkan Larsson

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