Riksbank macroprudential conference

The Riksbank has taken the initiative for an annual conference on macroprudential policy, the Riksbank macroprudential conference. The idea is to establish the conference as a regular forum in which policy makers, representatives of the private sector and prominent academics from all over the world gather to discuss, exchange experiences and learn from the best in the field. The conference is only for invited speakers and guests.

Macroprudential policy focuses on risks in the financial system. One insight from the most recent global financial crisis is that macroprudential policy is needed as a complement to monetary policy and fiscal policy. As it is a new policy area, there are currently few global forums in which to discuss macroprudential policy issues.

The conference is aimed at an international audience of specially invited decision makers, prominent academics and representatives of the financial sector. In conjunction with the conference, an open seminar will also be held aimed at a wider audience, including journalists, with selected participants from the conference.

This year's conference – 21-22 June 2016

This year's conference will be the second in the series. The subjects to be discussed include the management of banks in crisis and macroprudential policy measures aimed at reducing the risks linked to property prices. In addition, two exciting case studies will be discussed; the Argentinian financial crisis in 2000 and the Chinese financial system and its stability challenges.

The conference's keynote speaker is the Governor of the Bank of Russia, Elvira Nabiullina. Other participants include Karnit Flug, the Governor of the Bank of Israel, Philip R. Lane, the Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland, and Stanley Fischer, Vice Chair of the US Federal Reserve System.

Stefan Ingves will participate from the Riksbank and lead a panel discussion on the theme of resolution. Other members of the Riksbank Executive Board will also participate along with representatives from the Monetary Policy and Financial Stability departments.

The conference is being arranged together with the Swedish House of Finance and Vinnova. Prominent academics will produce research papers on themes related to macroprudential policy which will then form the basis of discussions at the conference. A scientific committee is involved in producing the conference programme.

Open seminar on 21 June: "How resilient are the European and the US banking systems?"

A breakfast seminar will be arranged on 21 June at 08.00–09.30 together with the Swedish House of Finance. The venue is the Swedish House of Finance, Drottninggatan 98, 4th floor (please note that the location has changed). A panel discussion will be held on the theme of how prepared the European and US banking systems are for new challenges, in light of the most recent financial crisis and new regulatory frameworks. Decision makers, journalists, academics and representatives of the financial sector are warmly welcome to participate in this seminar.

The panel participants are Panico Demetriades, Professor at the University of Leicester and former Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus, Randall Kroszner, Professor at the University of Chicago and former board member of the US Federal Reserve System and Marco Pagano, Professor at the University of Naples Federico II. The discussion will be led by Cecilia Skingsley, Deputy Governor of the Riksbank.


Information on how to register and more details on the seminar can be found here.

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