Lars E.O. Svensson awarded the IVA's Great Gold Medal


Pictrue of Deputy Governor Lars E.O. SvenssonEvery year the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA, awards a number of gold medals to persons of considerable achievement within the fields of research work and development in industry. This year Deputy Governor Lars E.O. Svensson has been awarded the IVA's Great Gold Medal. Only one of these is awarded for outstanding achievement each year.


The jury writes that Lars E.O. Svensson is awarded the prize for outstanding achievement as an internationally-renowned economist, particularly in the fields of monetary theory and monetary policy, international trade and general equilibrium theory. "I feel deeply honoured to receive this award, especially as I understand that the only economists to have received such an award earlier are Professors Erik Dahmén and Assar Lindbeck" says Deputy Governor Lars E.O. Svensson.

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